Community-based fitness classes using bodyweight movements, resistance training (including weightlifting) and aerobic work. All classes are led by qualified coaches who properly scale and modify workouts to every individual. Unlike various other types of fitness, MVMNT fitness classes can be used to train everyone from the young and elderly to the weekend warrior and world class athlete.

Location: Circuit

Combining a boot camp with conditioning an you got yourself a tough workout!! You'll be pushing in this class, doing things from lifting weights, cardio exercise, body weight exercises and much more! Drink plenty of water for this class cause you'll be sweating.

Location: Turf

Boot Camp Express is structured off an MMA title fight with 5 x 5 Minute rounds.. The good thing about this is you wont have to fight anyone except fatigue!! These classes are short at sweet but will have you working hard!! 5 Minutes of hard work and 1 minute rest!! ENJOY!

Location: Curcuit

To be in a good shape is very important nowadays because our way of life isn't so healthy and active. Most of us spend endless hours sitting by the computer and it gives negative results very fast. We think that fitness is a pleasant and useful activity. It helps to be more successful and disciplined.