EverFit Cardio Core is a great class to get that cardio up and really focus on getting your core strengthened. This kind of core training is a great stepping stone to help build strength for the rest of the body! Enjoy this great workout!

Location: Everlast

Sleds and Strength is exactly how it sounds! You will be doing sled pushes up and down our new turf as well as pumping some iron, doing squats, push ups and core work. This class is a great vibe and a great workout too! Come down and push some sleds!!

Location: Turf

Intro to Kick Boxing and is taught by one of Team Alpha Males professional fighters and will focus on the basics of Kickboxing. Making sure everyone knows the right form and technique when punching Kicking will help fast track and improve your hand and foot skills. This is a great class if you have never Kick Boxed before, or if you're very new to it and want to improve your skills. Recommended equipment: Wraps Boxing GLoves

Location: Curcuit

To be in a good shape is very important nowadays because our way of life isn't so healthy and active. Most of us spend endless hours sitting by the computer and it gives negative results very fast. We think that fitness is a pleasant and useful activity. It helps to be more successful and disciplined.